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Digimember your member area – experiences

With DigiMember you can quickly and easily create your own membership page on your WordPress site!


Digimember experiences

What is Digimember?????

The plugin is a very functional, easy-to-use membership solution that turns any WordPress site into a complete members‘ area! Install and activate the plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your own membership site… complete with protected content only your members can access! With the plugin, you can add different payment methods so that the memberships also work completely automatically. And we look at the whole thing today in this free experience report.


What can you upload to the plugin?????


???? digital products

???? video courses

???? Download Products

???? subscription models

???? lead generation

???? online congresses

???? Niche Magazines

???? Training modules for employees



What are the advantages of the tool?????


Easy to handle

The plugin is an easy to install WordPress plugin! Setup only takes a few minutes and is very easy.

Secure protection of your content

The plugin protects your pages and articles from unauthorized access!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single page or multiple extensive courses.

Unlimited number of products

Create any number of products or membership levels. You are free to choose which of your protected content belongs to which product.

Easy integration

Whether an existing or a completely new WordPress site – with the plugin you can integrate your existing and completely new content in a few simple steps.

Flexible design

Free or paid content! You decide whether you want to offer your memberships completely free of charge or for a fee (a combination is also possible).

payment monitoring

The plugin checks incoming payments from the payment provider and automatically blocks access if no payment has been made or an installment has not been paid.

Timed activation

Define time intervals with which your member pages will be activated for your users, e.g. B. weekly or monthly.

Interfaces to payment providers

Simple and fast integration of payment providers. Fully automatic activation of your content after receipt of payment.

Email Marketing Integration

Keep the direct connection to your members and customers! With DigiMember you can automatically add new members to your email marketing software.

Exams & Certificates

Your members can take exams that you create. Members who pass the exam receive a personalized certificate.

Download manager

Protect your eBooks and other downloadable content with the plugin! You decide how long and how often your download products (e.g. eBooks) are available to a customer.

Protect sections of content

Would you like to present part of your content and arouse the curiosity of your visitors? No problem, with the plugin you can share individual areas of your pages while protecting the rest.

Temporary access

You decide how long your members have access to your products! Whether for a few days, several weeks or for an unlimited period of time.

Pay by mail

With the plugin you have the possibility to offer individual articles or pages for your visitors at a certain price.



What special features does the plugin have?????

Personal address With DigiMember you can address your members personally! Welcome new members by name in the members area and address them personally by their names anywhere in the text or in headings. Only a small short code is required in the appropriate places!

Sequential Activation (Subscription) Unlock content for your members and customers at set time intervals! You decide when which page or post should be activated automatically. You can choose to do it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or design your own totally customized activation schedule!

Protection of download products Protect your download products! A secure download vault is available in DigiMember, which allows you to encrypt the URL of your download files and limit the number or duration of your downloads.

Individual page content Show your members individual page content! For example, show customers of product „A“ an advertisement for product „B“ and vice versa! Customers who bought product „A“ and „B“ will not see any ads! This is how you target your members and block unnecessary advertising for the rest.

Action-based marketing With DigiMember you can create so-called actions. You can define under which conditions which type of reaction should be triggered. For example, you can send your members an email when they have subscribed for a certain period of time or visited a certain page. This gives you the opportunity to create highly targeted and precisely timed offers.

Exams and Certificates Offer your members the opportunity to take an exam on the content you have previously shown them. If they pass your exam, you can reward your members with an individual certificate. watch demo


What are the Digimeber alternatives?????

If DigiMember does not meet your needs and wishes, there are alternative tools you can use to create the member area for your online course:


 Members Area Tool by  FunnelCockpit – a members area tool that also gives you an awful lot of marketing software

CLICK HERE for more information on FunnelCockpit


 Kajabi (very high-quality member areas, set up quickly, very expensive, less individual) – an all-in-one tool that is easy to use and delivers good and nice-looking results

➡ Coachy (quickly set up, including landing page builder, a bit more expensive (especially with several courses), less individual) – a professional platform with which you can bring your online co